Thursday, January 26, 2017

Get Listed! ~~ a Seed Planting poem

Sowing Seeds; thinking about

We all know about sowing seeds
Sow, plant. Seeds germinate, grow sprouts
Water, cultivate.  Plants result
Eat plants or their fruit, eater's choice
This is normal, this is God's plan

Adage is you reap what you sow
Trouble starts with faulty sowing
Bible tells "don't sow here or there"
Fables teach where not to sow.  Like  
"Don't sow your seeds in the desert"

Fathers have advice to garden growers
Make the soil fallow, damp, and drained
There's joy in making willing fields 
Sowing sometimes has no discretion
Innocence's seeds may not grow

Whirling waters are alluring
Gyres have no bottoms, swallow seeds
Joy in sowing there is watching
Watching them swirl down through the drain
Even more (wasteful) than eating seeds
_ _ _

Picture and Poem Copyright, © Jimmiehov 2017, All Rights Reserved

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Platform ~~ a poem, "I missed ... "

I missed the party

I missed the party this week
Purple tinge of lavender
'Twas invitation for me
What was I doing, don't know

I missed the fun place this week
They are coming home today
Costumes galore, I was masked
But I didn't come, poor me

I missed the party for sure
'Twas like college days of old
Took the streets, we called them ours
This time, with signs, my voice, quiet

I missed the party this week
Fun filled, messages to tell
We are the majority
Our voices need to be heard

I missed the ... (more still in draft)
_ _ _

Picture and Poem Copyright, © Jimmiehov 2017, All Rights Reserved

Picture and this week's "The Tuesday Platform" were linked with Marian and the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,

This is in relation to and with A BIG THANK YOU, LADIES!!! for their valiant March last Saturday, after our U.S. Presidential Election.  They marched literally all over the world, in large cities and small towns.  Perhaps your friends did, some of mine marched.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Do you hear voices?

Do you hear voices? 
What is this noise in my head? 
Is it in my ear? 
Well, that is too bad for us 
Internal words modulate 
Jammed by ringing in my ears 
_ _ _

Picture and Poem Copyright, © Jimmiehov 2017, All Rights Reserved
I'm linked with Brendan at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,

 - I've had ringing in my ears since my Army days, too close to other shooters at the riffle range and not even knowing about ear protectors. 
 - After my service days I went to an ENT doctor who decided that the cause of my ear ringing could not be determined or stopped. I said to him, "It must be all in my head."  I meant it as joking but this doctor swore at me while leaving the room, slamming the door on his way out. 

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