Sunday, May 24, 2015

Junior died for his country ~~ a Memorial Day tribute poem for "Play it Again"

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A Place Like This
I sit here and sketch
Thinking all the while
'Twas in a pasture green
with an orchard nearby

Sketching, a place like this
Provence, Italy, in the War
His plane shot down
Body lay under his chute

Dog tags were snared by a priest
Later they would be given
to family for us to sketch

Junior died for his country
This place?  We will dedicate 
Our rendition of the pasture,
A tribute for him
 _ _ _ _

Photo and Poem copyright 2006 and 2015, 
© jimmiehov, all rights reserved

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1,  Play it again had three of Kerry's choices, I used a May 30, 2014 Imaginary Garden post by , apast challenge on Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Sketchbook Poetry.
2.  Mrs. Jim's brother died in WWII when his P38 airplane was shot down over Italy.  A priest found him dead, under his parachute.  The priest collected the dog tags to give when telling his story after the war was over.
The Germans buried Junior's body in the orchard.  We were grateful for that.  Later his remains were removed to a cemetery in New Orleans.
3.  I had been hoping that on Memorial Day a challenge that would fit my writing a tribute to Junior would show.  This one seemed to work out.
4.  Photo taken during our stay at Bettolle, Italy, Spring of 2006.

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