Saturday, September 01, 2018

Flash Poem ~~ Go away?

I won't go away
Stay here my shell
Call me some bad names
Roll off my back

Hit me with your stick
My hide is tough
I won't go away
doesn't hurt much

You don't love me like
You used to do
It bothers me much
But I won't leave

'Cause I love you still
 _ _ _ _

 - Photo and Poem Copyright,  Jimmiehov 2018, All Rights Reserved
 - I'm linked with Kerry O'Connor in the Imaginary Garden at
 - This is a Flash Writing Challenge, I have exactly 55 words related to Kerry's picture find.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

a midweek "Going Poem" for you

Do you want to come along

We have this cute little tugboat
Sister and I
Going up and down the canals
That's our new life

Wouldn't you like to come along
Two empty bunks
It doesn't seem so romantic
But wait you'll see

Sister and I and our spouses
Four retired folk
But guests don't stay you'd have to leave 
We share with all

Cook, clean, swab, pull ropes.  Fill the tanks
A hand could stay

[Taken at the Little Venice Canal Boat show, 2014, London, U.K.]
 [click to enlarge]
 _ _ _ _

 - Photo and Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2018. All Rights Reserved
   (Photo of the Tugboat is by Karin, aka "Outlawyer", click on her name or see her prompt post today at the link below.   There she has it and some of her other pictures also posted.  She reserves all rights but has released use by us for our poems.  I made a PrintScreen copy photo to post here.)
 - I'm linked with Karin in the Imaginary Garden at
 - Karin was remembering the poems she had memorized when she was young. She then realized that many used the word "going" or another form of "go" in them.
 - This process was the basis for her a  asking us to remember along with her and then to WRITE a poem using "going" fairly near its beginning.   BTW,  I've used the word "going" 17 times on this blog  One them is titled, "Going, going, gone" as the title of Karin's post with the Toads above.
 - If Nursery Rhymes count I'm sure "This Little Pig . . . " was my first to memorize.

Outside Homps, France, riding a canal boat on the Canal du Midi.
After the boat ride, our busy day would continue.
Old town, Carcassonne, was next on our journey.
[click any picture for a larger sized view]

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