Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Set your clock back ~~ (and) Social Media Day, i.e. "post something"

I'd give you the time

clocks have stopped, would if I could

If I had the time
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Poem and Picture Copyright
© 2009 Jimmiehov (
All Rights Reserved

I'm linking today's little Senryū with


Set your clock back at 6:59:59 (CST), quickly, to 6:59:58.  If it is an Atomic clock it will reset itself at midnight. 

Your computer will hiccup also, probably at midnight also.
Read more at the masslive link above
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Social Media Day | National Day Calendar

Be sure to say something, write a poem (do you like my Senryū poem?), or just post a picture!!

JUST DO IT!!! (sorry Nike, I had to do it!)

For a larger view Mrs. Jim's clocks or of the Social Media page click on the title or the picture, either one.

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