Monday, September 16, 2013

The Big Change


The Big Change

I called you all together
some changes are to be made

For eons you guys coasted
never much energy spent

Pull up your sleeves, boots go on
please don't blame it on the tilt

Winter, ice and snow won't do
greening in, Spring, share your wealth

Autumn, stop blaming the Fall
Summer, spread your heat around

(The seasons have a new boss
who was high up in the banks)

And don't blame it on the moon

- - - -

Pictures and Poem Copyright © 2013 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

Shared and listed with Real Toads, Open Link Monday.

From "Tuesday Two-Shoes" the September 17th writing prompt words to choose are Change and/or Season. Josie Said, "Have Fun!" (link)
1.  I remember when cabinet members were appointed from business cronies and political campaign contributors when technical savvy, people caring, and other knowledge bases were important and different for each position (i.e. a banker guru for NASA's administrator, etc).
2.  Snow scenes I photographed are from Main Street of Tekamah, Nebraska.  That is the town where I graduated from high school.

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