Thursday, February 22, 2018

Just Talking ~~ a Poem for Thursday

Mutterings and sputterings;
Ever get the feeling you're talking to yourself?

Sometimes I tell myself some things
Things that really do not matter
But if you hear, well ...

My grandfather cussed a blue streak
But to me mattering?  It counts!!
To myself, I don't!!

Sometimes I do funny things,
things that are not funny at all
Though maybe to me

When I'm walking and get excited
I wiggle my thumb, it rotates
That agitates some

On the side here, are you hearing
I sing and talk outside, alone
I don't sing so good 

And sometimes I write for myself 
Them I keep in a secret place 
Locked with a password.

When I am asked, "What have you done?"
Then my smart aleck remark is,
"What haven't I done?"

My remark to them, a retort 
When their questions get specific
THAT I haven't done!!
_ _ _ _ _

Photo and Poem Copyright, © 2018 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's hot, but alright ~~ a Poem for Tuesday

Birds have no calendar;
  nor do the seasons

Now spring is due, my winter friends have gone
Seems there's going to be no spring this year
I miss them, Robins feeding on the lawn
Ducks, white, brown, and mottled swimming lakefront
I was looking for the humming birds, but ...

Hardy summer birds have started to call
Brownish gray doves paired, strolling on the walks
And mocking birds on the peaks and tree tops
Prime on their minds are mating and nesting
Prim, polite, and proper, courting contest

Harsh winter is done though spring has declined
Temperatures in the eighties, the birds know
- - - - -

Poem Copyright, 2018 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

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