Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Centus: Xentor dismayed!

"I'm slipping!" shouted out Freddy from the very top of the climber chain, "help me!"
"Well, don't look down," hollered Xentor as he dialed 911.
"Operator, we've got a situation here on the climbing rock. Come quickly!"
"Yes, a climber is slipping, bring the hook and ladder fire truck."
"Help me fast, I'm slipping off my quit smoking pledge. Gotta' have a cigarette, quick!" moaned Freddy loudly.
"Never mind Operator, it's just a dummy here who needs to fall. It's not the rock he is falling off of."
"No, he's falling off the wagon. And has rocks in his head!"
- - - - -

Story Copyright
© 2012 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

Picture provided by Jenny. For more Saturday Census authors or how to do your own, go here to Jenny Matlock's blog.

Per Jenny:
"How about a picture prompt this week?
. Number of words: 100 (100 exactly)
. Style of writing: Any

. Pictures: Any additional you want to share"

My 100 words were counted by MS Word, Tools; Word Count. 
MS Word did not detect ANY spelling errors but did not have gotta' in the dictionary.

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