Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our friend? Winter came

Nature's Price;
Winter in Life

Hermit he became
Lived on Ramen Noodle Soup
Alone in the pond
What went wrong with our fellow?
Some say aging takes its toll

Snapped at his old friends
Wife and kids abused, put down
Now in bitter cold
All are gone, him they have left
Bad alligator's remorse

- - - - -

Poem Copyright,
© 2015 Jimmiehov,
All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of Fireblossom at
Real Toads, Fireblossom Friday: Winter  
where I'm linked today.

Alligator is subject of an MSN News story found here:

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Lemon Tree -- It doesn't fare so well

My Lemon Tree
My lemon tree has had a hard time
Hard time in life you will agree
Potted in same pot was in the store
Regularly watered not, survived

Bees don't come here anymore.   Got to
pollinate somehow.  An aside here,
I taught a friend how to pollinate
Hers had almost dozen oranges

This year for the tree and me bees came
Three lemons, that's enough for a pie?
Maybe not but there won't be a pie
Lemons were forgotten in the fridge

Bees' work in vain, promises gone wrong
Lemons wait and rot, no thanks they got
Next year will the bees come?  Think not
They're dying by the millions, why plant

Government doesn't care, politics
Cut taxes for rich, let the bees die
A machine can't a lemon tree make
Tree, dumb mute, can't tell you how it is

  Photos and Poem Copyright, © 2015 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
I'm Linked with at
the Real Toads, Sunday's Mini-challenge: David Huerta (Link)

It is also linked with Kerry O'Connor's Challenge at 
the Real Toads, TheTuesday Platform  
There Grace wrote of David Huerta, his poems and other literary work he has done.  Then she challenged us to write an original poem for this Sunday's post based on his poetry or something inspired from reading his poetry. 
Since I can't visualize (hardly) I decided on his poem, Fruit, which prompted me to pay a little tribute to my Lemon Tree and also a dirge (or ding) to our political scene.  My senator says 'why should the U.S spend money on determining why the bees are dying and on how to save them?'  I would say that the Honey Business doesn't have a very powerful lobby.
David also wrote a poem called Machinery (click here, and scroll down or click on Machinery in the index).  That poem prompted me to write in my poem the line chiding the machine, which can not make a lemon tree.  As if it could, would there be lemons?

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