Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Single Impression: Uncomfortable


A little discomfort when I awoke
They said that was how it would be

Two Oxycontins and a morphine drip
Little plus 'on demand' all helped a bit

Red, red rose, loving gift from my sweetheart,
That thoughtfulness from her helped me so much

Best of all she was there her smiling face
Always there ever glowing in the night

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© 2011 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved
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One Single Impression using "Uncomfortable" as prompt

On July 18th my orthopedic surgeon replaced my left knee joint with a pre-manufactured one. I came home from the hospital on Friday. A blog series about 'My Operation" is currently in progress at Jim's Little Blog.

On July 19, 2017, I also linked this to "The Imaginary Gardem with Real Toads" in honor of their sixth year anniversary, at

I didn't know then but July 18th would also be the beginning of my opioid addiction. 

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