Friday, September 11, 2015

The Blood of a Poet ~~ another Flash 55 poem today

Poet's Blood
Turned my computer on
to post poem of the day
P o r n  instead on my screen
Quickly turned it off, blank
Eight jumped on my table
Lead actor said to me
Get with us, on your screen
Keyhole peep, join more fun
Shoot your foot, suck your blood
Kill young boys, snowball fight                   
Poker we play, steal cards
from dead boys.  Aces they 'd
held, quickly won our death
Blood soaked, drawn and quartered
Rescuer Barbette failed
Poem Copyright 2015, Ó Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
Header picture from Wikipedia, (link)
 -- Today I am linked with Mama Zen in answer to her Words Matter challenge to write an avant-garde poem based upon my inspiration from producer, Jean Cocteau's 1932 French film, Blood of a Poet. (Wikipedia link
 -- We were to write using 80 or less words.  Including my title, I used exactly 80 words.
 -- Barbette was an actor, a female impersonator, used by Cocteau in his portrayal of the game of cards.  At first Barbette was not in this scene which had ended in a suicide.  Made to remove the suicide, Cocteau  used Barbette and some extras instead of his original cast which had included the funding angel in the game/suicide scene.

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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Rabbit Bitten ~~ a Flash 55 poem today

A rabbit bit my toe
I could barely see him
through early morning's fog  
I could only stand there
Nibbled away he did,
fleshy green just for him  

Killed several of my friends
One bite, felled like timber
under the woodsman's axe  
Sneaked away, fog covered
sinful deed and hid his 
cowardly escape

Petrified daffodil 
 _ _ _ _

Poem and Photo Copyright © 2015, Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

Today I am linked with

Kerry invited us to visit Dismaland, the anti-themepark brainchild of the artist known as Banksy, and in exactly 55 words add our poetic voice to his creative vision.  I made the visit but aren't sure I added much.

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