Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ride a painted pony

Ride a painted pony
catch the wind, hang on tight
The pony does his best
to give you a nice ride

Ride a painted pony
He'll take you where you want 
Wherever you want to go
Up town, down town, or home

Ride a painted pony
You'll get to know him well
Perhaps the best friend yet
Feel his kiss slobber filled

Ride a painted pony
Some are painted colors
you've not dreamed, red, blue, green
This horse goes round and round

Ride a painted pony
Some will ride theirs to school
Really nice show and tell
Kids will love him, covet

Ride a painted pony
You will out live him sure
That's the plan God has set
Makes us love our pet more
_ _ _ _ 

Poem copyright, Jimmiehov,2016, All Rights Reserved

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