Friday, March 20, 2015

A 'Spoem' for you today -- Challenge poem

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Take a walk with me
Let's take a walk, Isle of Man beckons us (3)
Best offer ever, my ancestors' land (3)
No background check needed, I'll take what comes (4)
Dearest Laurie, I want your attention (4)
Invaluable experience, yours FREE (2)
Simplify development, walking's best (1)
Prevent your heart attack tricks (I love you) (3)
Take a walk on the Isle of Man with me (2)
 - - -
Photos and Poem Copyright © 2007, 2015 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved
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 - Here is the definition: 
spoem (ˈspəʊɪm) - noun  (informal)
1.  a poem made up entirely from the subject lines of a different spam emails
2.  a random sequence of words inn the subject line of a spam email, generated to fool spam filters

 - My Spam box today only had nine e-mail messages, the first and last were not Spam as I had deleted it around midnight last night.  Most days I will get between 150 and 250 Spam e-mailings, sometimes even more
 - So I didn't have too much to work with.  The numbers in parentheses (x) denotes how many extra words in each line I used, i.e. were not within the Spam.  I changed tense or case and did NOT count that nor did I count changing the lady's name to Laurie.
 - I used the top and the bottom lines but they are not Spam.  We have visited Isle of Man and loved it.  My maternal grandfather's family (Corkhill) was from Isle of Man.  We talked with one Corkhill while there and found many, many more listed in the phone book.

 - For my blogging account of our visit to Isle of Man, click here

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day -- Tuesday Platform

The Leprechauns Will Pinch
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Be sure to wear your green
If you don't have some green
the leprechauns will pinch
If you've got a green car
Drive that today as well
I'll ride my motorbike
Scare naughty ones away
- - -
Poem Copyright © 2014 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved
Picture was furnished by my friend John in a mass e-mailing piece.

I've also shared this today on my other blog, Jim's Little Blog (link) 
I'm linking with Marian at the Real Toads, The Tuesday Platform (link)

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Special Day -- a Challenge Poem

Grandparent's Day at School
Be sure not to miss, only comes one time 
wonderful occasion, Grandparent's Day   
Experience comes to selected few
Put on your Sunday best, style show of shows
Be on time, little early is better
Sign in with smiling front office people
They will check, background impeccable be
Line up outside library, wait your call
Ten, twenty minutes later child appears
She's full of smiles with a big hug for you
Follow me to the cafeteria
Mac and cheese special today, choclat milk
Papa a picture takes, tyke and Mimi
All smiles still until, loving words of care,
"Better eat your apple dear, can't waste food"
Comes by nature, grandmas can't help, BOSSY
Meanwhile at home, this little piggy stayed
Chicken and special renal food, healthy
And in the fridge desert for after school
Mimi, tyke and papa, Grandparent's Day
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_ _ _ _
 Photos and Poem Copyright © 2015, Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

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Mrs. Jim and I did visit our grand-daughter, KP, at her kindergarten.  Lunch wasn't Mac and Cheese but I can't remember what it was.  Okay for adults but not all the kids were liking it.  KP liked her banana for sure.

The little piggy who stayed home was our Katrin.  She had liver and kidney problems and ate a special diet to help her.  I was nice to her and let her eat out of one of my special Texas Blue Bonnet soup bowls.

Katrin died in September last year.  May she RIP.

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