Saturday, December 02, 2017

A Flash Poem for Saturday FLASH

 Reginald Southey
Lewis Carroll (1857)
Fair Use

  Like a flashbulb, hair triggered
Like a flashbulb ready to go off
Spoil sport, we want just to have some fun
Hair triggered, lit fuse, ill-humored  
Day of stiffs, skeletons, and scarecrows
'Hang up in jest but don't do it here'
That's the message being sent to us   
You see, they scare the bijiggers i.-
e. BeJeezus* right outa my dog 
- - - -

Photo and Poem Copyright, © 2017 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved (my photo above is a 'PrintScreen' of Kerry's contribution at the link below.  The little buy below is an artist rendition, "the only one" (??) from, see link at the bottom here*) 

 - I'm linked with, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Camera FLASH, (my Flash poem has 61 words)
*Note: "BeJeezus was not a King (as far as we know - he was way too common). His name was Basil De Jesus and he was a joker in a royal court, not sure which one? he loved to play jokes, and had a bad habit of sneeking up on people when they least expected it, yelling out DeJesus has got you. One day he scared the King - (this is to our knowledge the correct version) thus he was beheaded - you just cant go around scaring mighty rulers. He is still fondly remembered - his name lingers on and everyone today who scares the crap out of anyone else get remember by the name BeJezzus." "in  'The Origin of: "You scared the bejesus outta me!'" (!%22 )

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Friday, December 01, 2017

Friday Poem -- Goodbye

Goodbye my friend

Goodbye my friend, might we visit in the Spring 
The violets will be flowering but I won't
Won't be loving you.  Just renew our acquaintance
and catch up a bit if that's okay, we will see
Goodbye my friend, it has been nice your loving me
but only at the start.  Bitching I can't and won't 
take so very long, I must leave yours far behind 
If you'll stop and promise to be nice I may come
Goodbye my friend, aren't you glad we didn't make this
a done deal.  From the start the terms were bad for both
I think you had the better.  Quibble let us not
It's over now so that doesn't mater to me
Goodbye my friend, I hope it is easy for you
to say that to yourself.  It's over, often say
I tried to make it that way when I saw our thing
wouldn't work.  Didn't want tears from you, nor from me 
Goodbye my friend, a grown man now, I still can cry
Just as I did when we were younger.  Reason tells
crying in the heart is not for you, I will try 
Been a long time, seems years and years, but no longer
Goodbye my friend, take good care of my dog, will you 
I will send for her, I hope I'm where she can come 
Don't give her away, please.  You're very dear to her 
I love her so very much, will miss her always
Goodbye, my ship is leaving now.  People are here
to see us off, I didn't expect you to come
Spring will come, I'll be here.  Now you find someone new  
He has to be good to you, my word.  And my dog 


Saying "Goodbye", 
some of our new Russian friends to us on ship, and
the ship's crew and us waving from the top deck to
our new Russian friends left behind in Moscow.

- - - -
Photo and Poem Copyright, © 2006 and 2017 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved 

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

... It left yesterday ~~ a small Poem for "November Themes"

My guest?

Rain, rain go away
Come again
Please don't stay
Love for you has gone its way
It left yesterday

- - - -

Photo and Poem Copyright, © 2017 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved (my photo is a 'PrintScreen' of a cherub from Google search, link where this and more are to be found.)

 - I'm linked with Marian, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Words Count,

 - Marian wrote of her fund raising effort (read more from the link above AND the one in this paragraph) using 30 theme words to write a new poem each day of this month.   Her charity is the Center for New Americans, a nonprofit organization where she lives in western Massachusetts.  Her family is helping with this effort as well.  Besides writing their poem, the fund raisers are making one artistic drawing (and/or paintings??) a day to match the poem and that day's theme. 

My little poem form is called a shadorma which is not necessarily rhyming but is required to fit the six line syllable lengths of  '3/5/3/3/7/5' each. (Writer's Digest linkIt would fit  her word list with using here the words "Rain" and/or "Love/Friendship". 

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