Saturday, January 06, 2018

Mama, don't take ...

Mama don't

Mama don't take that pill tonight
Please stay here with me, we will play
Then you can put me to bed and
tuck me in tightly like I like

If you have to go please don't drink
Please don't drink that wine with the pill
Makes you goofy, not very nice
I worry about you driving  

(Well, I give up wishing for you)
(Afraid, you won't come back some day)
It would have been so nice I know
But Daddy can tuck me once more

_ _ _ _ _

Photo and Poem Copyright, © 2018 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
The Photo is a "Print Screen" from Kerry's directions, found at the link below.

 - I'm linked with Kerry 

Kerry has asked us to write as we are inspired by the picture above which she provided.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Manifesto (writing exercise)


Tonight is the beginning of a changing world.

I want everyone everywhere to have a part in the making. We will start here, we will start tonight.

Hold tight, think about it with an open mind, have patience but be quick.

This is something everyone can do, let us start NOW! !

We, the people of the civilized world spend our time arguing, bickering about things that won't matter for long, for sure no more when we are dead.

Let us tonight be the new Columbus.  The Columbus who found the new world and the Napoleons who led and fought for the people of his France.

Tonight we are going to LIBERATE a group larger than we humans.

Tonight we are to start a movement that cannot be stopped.

Tonight is the start of freedom for the masses, as earlier was slavery ended in most parts of the world .

We are going to liberate the pets of the world.

Ask now, why do our pets not express their feelings?  Why don't they contribute ideas, new inonivations and inventions?  Why don't they study?  Write literature and poetry?

You ask why. Ask why right now.

I will tell you.

They, the pets, have been repressed and misled.

Tonight we will start with the easiest first, our dogs and cats.

Tonight we, you and I, will began to learn how to accomplish this.

We must be able to comminicate with them.


Now, divide yourselves into small groups, ten of you or so in groups.

A leader will meet you and teach the first speach class.  At the end of our short lesoon he or she will give you exercises to practice with your pet.

You are about to embark on a mission.  Your mission will be to convince others to join in.

Time doesn't wait, divide now and let us GET STARTED.

- - - -

I am linked to the Imaginary Garden for this writing assignment.  Go there to read about what we are doing, clink the link below.

You can join our breathtaking mission. Leave a comment hear and you will hear from us.

Lastly, please forgive spelling errors. I will c I treat them tomorrow.

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