Friday, February 05, 2010

Acrostic: Comets


Courageous woman's basketball team
O those Houston Comets
Many girls we've adored
Every good thing ends
Too soon for fans
Swoopes, Perrot, Cooper, goodbye

Copyright © 2010 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

Written for Acrostics Only February, 2010, prompt 9, Comets
(Acrostic Poem Requirement: 4 words per line)

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Single Impression: Blowing the Curve

The characters: .....

Karen, our daughter.
[Click on any picture to enlarge]

Blowing the Curve;
....what is a Dad to say

Got this text message
from our daughter.
"KP and I are stuck
on the elevator at BP's school.
The Fire Marshall is coming."

Baby KP asleep in elevator

So what is a Dad to say?
"I fed KP a bottle
and we are staying calm.
I hear them
(Fire Marshall?)."

Momma said
"This is terrible, poor baby."
So what is a Dad to Say?

Dad, the retired professor
spoke in some riddles.
About blowing the curve
and how many have been stuck
there before.

BP practicing for her performance

What is a Dad to say?
About being the norm or to excel
and extolling about our BP,
grandchild who is so smart,
waiting at bottom of the stair.

This doesn't fit the model
of book learning I've been taught.
I am afraid the curve has broken,
what is a Dad to say?
Momma Karen and KP .

"We are out!" and Momma said
"Praise the Lord!"
What is a Dad to say?
Momma said it best.

Poem and photos
Copyright © 2010 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved


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"Blowing the Curve" as prompt was
suggested by Mojo at
Why? What Have You Heard?

Note: This elevator ordeal lasted 36 minutes today. Karen was calm all the time. So was KP after having her bottle. The firemen had to pry the doors open and lift KP and her stroller out. Then they helped Karen up and out.

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Uncanny ~ Haiku Bones

Uncanny Saturday

offer through Sunday
hours 9-5

open Monday through Friday
uncanny not two last days

Poem and Photos
Copyright © 2010 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

Thanks to Joseph Harker
at naming constelations
for the prompt word, uncanny.

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