Thursday, November 07, 2013

Six Sentence Stories - Reach

I reached around and she was gone.
She'd taken my truck and my dog.
What was left was the bills and crud.

I cried for the rest of the night.
The next day I took some coffee,
my best blanket, and hopped a train.

I camped out that day on the Thames.

- - - - - -

Photo and Poem Copyright
© 2013 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved
Josie Two Shoes requirement:  Write a fiction story with six sentences using "reach" as a theme or part of the story.  The six part was fun but it cramped my style a bit because some of my poems don't have complete sentences or punctuation. 
You can read more of Josie's directions and find links to others' works by clicking here

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Monday, November 04, 2013

Angels on the clouds -- Blog4Peace

.Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant us Peace)

Angels sitting on their clouds;
(two poems)

Peaceful scene up here,
with the angels sitting on their clouds

Wringing their hands,
will there be peace today, could they help

Remembering that day sublime,
"Peace on earth, good will towards man"


Floating clouds galore
An angel sits on each one
Waiting for an earthly task to do
Or perhaps get called up to Heaven
For her God there to serve

Mom's jumped down
that day. We were coming into Omaha
I missed her dying about the time I saw the clouds
Her angel had gone down on assignment
Escort my Mom to see her Lord


- - - - - -

Photos and Poems Copyright © 2013 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved
- Shared and listed with Real Toads, Open Link Monday 
.. for the theme Blog4Peace (click HERE for more information).
- For "Tuesday Two-Shoes" the October 29th the writing prompt words
..are Angel or View (I used "Angel"). Josie Said, "Have Fun!" (Link)

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