Friday, February 10, 2017

The Wall -- a Challenge poem

The wall; 
a dream? (a prayer?)

I had a dream last night
President Reagan came
He came to me and said
Donny, tear down that wall

It worked with the Commies
I'll make it work with you
Tear down that wall, or ..
Or go scooting down

Down into the bowels 
Into the bowels of Hell
I've visited there, it's
No place to be.  Your choice

It worked with the Commies
Had better work with you.
Please I said, could I just,  
Send a Tweet and see what

No Tweets for you, no more
Gorbachev, he had none
To neighbors you've done harm
Irreparable harm

Said Mr. Regan then
To you by God I'm sent,
Mind His will or be burned.
First I'll tweet, this is rigged

This is a dream, you're dead.
It's not a dream, I'm sent
Dead yes, a dozen years
No Tweets, no dream, goodbye

Aaah aah aah ah aah
I'm going dow o own!!!
Goodbye my friend, goodbye
Too many times, no more

Photo: screen capture from Wikipedia, "Ronald Regan"
Public Domain [click to enlarge]
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Picture and Poem Copyright, © Jimmiehov 2017, All Rights Reserved
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Marian opened, " Toads! Today in the Garden we are taking back WALLS."

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