Saturday, August 03, 2019

A Short Poem for Thursday -- Emporer, King, Vulture

Emperor of the Dawn
Quincy Washington
Used with Permission

Emperor of the Dawn
Emperor of the Dawn home from battle
King of Night his playful name, plunders, maims
Come morning brings home his trophies and loot

Generous with his treasure skulls feathers coins
Boys girls men women love to share spoils' trove
Emperor of Dawn--hunt's beloved King

Close up during the night King's army feeds
Be it road kill or fowls' mad genocide
King of Night, ferocious hawk leads his flock
. . . . . [click on picture for larger view] [again for larger still]
"In the morning, the vultures, fourteen of them, came to eat the poor little deer that got run over by a car in the middle of the night.  You can see it laying in the foreground.  Their mother called a meeting before breakfast to divide up the parts of meat among her brood." 
 _ _ _

 - Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2019, All Rights Reserved
 - Photo attribution to Quincy Washington, using the following link:

 - I am linked with Kerry O'Connor in the Imaginary Garden at
 - Go to the link just above to read Kerry's introduction to Quincy Washington and his paintings.  And for her instructions to us for our writing this. 
 - Including the title, this poem has 73 words. nine lines, and 90 syllables. Though short, 55 words is commonly used as standard for Flash Writing.

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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Art inspired -- Thursday Poem

Lady Problems (2015); The Fast Learner (2013)

At Regent's Park

We're savoring Nature in the mid eighties
It really won't matter which we chose
Trollies or busses, or covered wagons
Take Regent's Park in the 1980's

We push our young in her pram.  Scattering
Scattering crumbs along the way for ducks
With the ducks following we make our way
First stop is the lake, there's no ice today

Toss the rest of the bread--the quacking stops
We are history, those ducks find someone new
Young ones are busy racing their sailboats
Crafted last night loving care, pieces now

Trees are budding flowers--no blossoms yet
Spring is hiding no more, she she's turning green
We walk some miles birds abound, large and small
Still not one flower--have ice cream and go

Our way out we stop to watch trapeze school
Students learning their ropes out in the cool
Leaving we head over to Primrose Hill
And have some fish and chips on our way back
[The neighborhood park just off Abbey Road]

This poem was supposed to be inspired after reading of the life and viewing some of the art of the turn of the 19th Century Canadian artist Emily Carr.  You can read of her at the link below.  I was impressed by her totem pole subjects' renditions but was not particularly inspired by them to write.

I was inspired by her efforts to keep Nature's marvels and beauty in the untamed. Though she did not specifically write or paint of preservation, our municipalities have obliged with a wonderful collection of accessible parks for us humans to enjoy.  This thought plus the liberal free gifts that the British have given inspired me to write of the magnificent London Regent's Park which I have enjoyed visiting quite frequently (see my reference below).
_ _ _ _

 - Photo and Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2013, 2019, 2019, All Rights Reserved
 - I am linked with Wild Woman in the Imaginary Garden at

 - When our daughter was in London working, for five years, we visited her often and stayed long. I believe every time we visited Regent's Park at least once.  It makes a pleasant and safe place for walking.  Link

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A strange Poem for Open Tuesday Platform

Why the moon

Why that bright round object in moonlit sky
Frustrated by its power over me
Causes me to howl with the baying wolves
Waste of time I know but I do it still

Bite the ladies on their necks suck some blood
Brings no intrinsic value to my self
There's calories naught--not in my food chain
It's the look on their faces that I seek

Magic pull that I feel not, still there's tides
Strange acts belie my royal heritage
The way I talk way I walk even drive
Meet me on the highways you should take care

The moon me and rest of the family
Royal inbreeding has taken its toll
Affects us even down to our web toes
Hapsburg jaws Rothschild's noses tell on us

Dark secret here revealed that dratted moon
Gets all the blame for our weird doings strange 

"Big Moon" by Alicia Dunn, 2017
 _ _ _

- Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2919, All Rights Reserved
- I am linked with Anmol (alias HA) in the Imaginary Garden at

 - Note:  for now my wolves will be "baying."  Some say that only Dogs bay.  Read, "  "

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