Friday, February 20, 2015

Thursday Challenge Poem:

Retired is Good
Why am I so tired?  Stock answer is
"It doesn't matter, I am retired."
I would hate to have missed the fun of life
Remissed I would be to my family

My bones do not all carbon to relate
They've got Teflon, titanium, steel
Veins of mesh tubes to channel my red blood
Hoses for cars, water and things till late

Retired I am, proud of it, can't complain
Better than my friends. To me, Heaven sent
But now they're six feet under, absent all
Not a bad life, tired is no excuse

 - - - - -

Photo and Poem Copyright, ©  2015 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

(picture was taken last April in Key West, Florida--Remiss if you miss it)

This post is now linked with  at the Real Toads, The Tuesday Platform

I linked to the Real Toads and found Thursday's  post,
 get listed for February: Absent .  There was the challenge:

 - The words: miss / remiss --  deem / redeem --  wager / dowager --  pulse / repulse --  file / defile --  peat / repeat -- sent / absent
I used "missed and remissed" and "sent and absent", then two of my own, "tired and retired" and "late and relate".

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