Saturday, July 06, 2019

A Poem, Writing Out of Standard

Humpty Dumpty sat on his wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All were mourning Ms. Dumpty cried

Now his servants fetched his pieces
Placed in a jar took them to town
The new doctor examined him

The doctor had a new tool
Micro Robot emptied the jar
Put those pieces into a slot

Magnicant Machine does all
Spit out Humpty like new again
_ _ _ _

- Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2019, All Rights Reserved
- I'm linked with Isadora Gruye in the Imaginary Garden at

 - Izzie wanted us to change the ending of a poem whose ending bothered us.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

A Poem for the Tuesday Platform

Why do I travel;
for delight it brings?

Started with a bucket list
Moscow, Panama Canal
Great Wall of China as well

Those in mind, first came my son
To his wedding, Barbados
With blushing bride made their vows

While in the Caribbean
Why not visit Martinique
And St. Lucia, islands near

Learned of Napoleon's wife
Awed by their island homesite
Josephine's Statue, headless

Ate bananas in their fields
from their trees and sampled rum
from the barrel.  Shoulders rubbed 

Soon cruised Panama Canal
Then sailed from Moscow on to
St. Petersburg. Walked the Wall

Our bucket list long empty
With the highway in our veins
Now eighteen years we've traveled

Fifty states, most of Europe,
South America have been
India to Capetown next

Why do I travel
Because it's there
_ _ _

 - Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2019, All Rights Reserved
 - I am linked with Sanaa Rizvi in the Imaginary Garden at

 - I hate that this turned out sounding like a bragging write. More detail would have been more boring  But it has been much of my eighteen retired years and many summer while teaching has been on the road, sea, and air.
 - Best liked was driving literally all over Europe but there isn't one holiday travel that I have regretted. Eight have been Missionary oriented.
 - Oh yes,  Mrs. Jim has been with me everywhere except for my business
  monthlong romp in San Francisco and one trip to Guatemala.  Two of our children and three grandkids have also tagged along.

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