Friday, November 13, 2015

A Challenge Poem ~~ Bits of Inspiration

"The Bridesmaid" 

You see, dear, I married a heel.  I don't wish that for you, no way. My words for you "Dear, make sure."  Pay heed, what you see, what you feel.  He's at his best right now, won't change.  I thought he would because of love. The heel is after what he wants.  I've cried my pillow wet, tear soaked. But tears won't change one bit, not him.  Think twice before you say "I do." Not like me so late, eating words   My "I do" has become "I don't." 

Poem Copyright © 2015 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

Picture from Susie Clevenger' excellent blog post,  Bits of Inspiration ~ Capturing Thoughts
It is of a painting of John Everett Millais (June 8 1829 – August 13, 1896, called called "The Bridesmaid". The bridesmaid will be a close friend of the bride. If the bridesmaid has a message to tell, very likely it will be some sound advice garnered eithe by her experience or from her intiuition.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Late night TV has gone Christmas

Be happy when Christmas has passed
"Frasier" reruns return his face
Once again, Hallmark Theatre
Late night TV's been preempted
Fifty-five nights of Christmas cheer

Classics, who watches anyway?
It won't be me, I doubt if you
"It’s a Wonderful Life" for you
And "elf" for me. That's all we like
So "Father Brown" on PBS
_ _ _

Photo and poem copyright © 2006 and 2015 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
_ _ _ 

Today I am linked with Marian at The Real Toads 
at their "Imaginary Garden, Tuesday Platform"

 . Reading therapy dog first class
Adi was our beagle dog, now deceased.  Together she and I formed a certified pet therapy team.  Reading dogs love for children to read to them and pay utmost attention to the child.  Many of the children do not like to read in public nor to a teacher.  But many will read to a dog, thus boosting their confidence and reading abilities.  Adi and I also visited assisted living homes, she loved the attention given to her by residents having Alzheimer disease.

Here she is practicing her reading therapy skills with our granddaughter, BP.  BP is now a freshman in college.


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