Friday, March 07, 2014

Rocks I know and ...

Rocks I know and some I don't 

Rocks are my friends, that wasn't always so
When I was young and in college my prof
Said to me, "if you'd have come more often
You would have passed mineralogy class" 

So I failed. Even so I still like rocks
I find them hiding in places I've been
From a friend one may come my way to stay
Dull or bright, to me they are pretty souls 

Now I'll introduce a few of my pets
Several in my fold have Orient blood
Polished smooth I plucked from clear river beds
Lakeside beaches wet and shining they called 

Some black, volcanic from a lava flow
Hawaii took for granted; my cherished
Mount St. Helens gray pumice rock, rolled down
at birth, three months old came into my fold
Found along a path walking up the hill
Derelict, Athens Greece gave no respect
Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man roosted
From Adriatic, Black, and Baltic seas

Mediterranean, Aegean, more
North Pole, South Pole, not--try Australia
One, large and green, I call to be Jadeite
Quartz, petrified wood, and fools gold abound 

One rock I've not, I want it so badly
It's on my bucket list--been there so long
Before I die it might come to my home
Big bucks I'll gladly spend, METEORITE

- - - - - -

Photo and Poem Copyright © 2014 Jimmiehov All Rights Reserved

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Monday, March 03, 2014

The Oscars Last Night

I Watched the Oscars Last Night

I watched the Oscars last night, I don't know
why. There was just one of the picture shows
that I'd seen. That was the Secret Life of
Walter Mitty. Count typewriters above,

not real fun but I liked their style. Manual
and old. I don't think you saw them at all.
I watched the Oscars last night, I don't know
why. Mrs. went to sleep, hurt her elbow. 

Watched for McConaughey and Bullock be-
cause they had Texas ties, cow country, see.
I watched the Oscars last night, not at first.
Missed the start, my dog was about to burst. 

Great Gadsby was a movie I saw last
fall--on the plane, going to London fast.
I watched the Oscars last night but I missed
Fitzgerald's pride. I liked it too, his best.

I watched the Oscars last night, they went so
slow, Ellen DeGeneres hurt the flow.
She passed out pizza and tried to collect.
I changed the channel and said, "what the heck."

- - - - - -

Photo of A B C telecast and poem Copyright © 2014 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

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