Saturday, August 02, 2014

Flash Fiction 55 -- Little Grey Squirrel -- Open Link Monday

 [click on picture for larger view-click again for larger still]
Little Grey Squirrel, Stopped 
Little grey Squirrel, stopped on my back porch
He wants to see what he can see from there
Was a brown dog out back, ready to bark
I know he'd like to chase me up his tree
Where's the calico kitten's milk today
She always shares her milk with me, my friend
_ _ _ _ _
Photo and poem copyright, Jimmiehov 2014, all rights reserved
_ _ _ _ _
Today I am liked with Fireblossom at the Real Toads, Flash Fiction 55 (Link)
She said this for instructions: "...write a poem or a piece of flash fiction in exactly fifty-five words, no more, no less. Any subject; children, shoes, nervous breakdowns, whatever..."
Update:  Linked in again with Magaly (Real Toads Open Link Monday)(Link)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Mother, Why?
Mother, why do I have to go
Seeing doctors is archaic
Why can't we just Skype him right now
We'd better put on some lipstick 

Girl, not so fast, do you hear me
The doctor needs to see you there
Wants to thunk your knee, see you jerk
Look down your throat and in your ears 

I'll open wide and you can thunk
He can see it all on the Skype
My friends do all that plus they text
Send my heart rate, temp, and BP 

Don't be silly, get in the car
He needs a lot more for your school
Feel your skin and poke your tummy
Take blood and your pee, give you shots 

No, I won't go, don't tell me more
To your room! Text me when you'll go
- - - - -
Picture, Poem Copyright 2009, 2014, © Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
Today I'm linked with Kerry at the Real Toads, Can You Hear Me? (link)

Kerry's challenged, "Our Challenge today is to consider this theme of alienation, what it means to really hear and respond to the needs of others ..."

The picture is of our Adi (beagle dog, may she RIP) on her way to the vet.  She knew where she was going and that really wasn't her first choice.  This picture was originally posted on my other blog, February 21, 2009, as Adi Can ... Have a hard day  (link)

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Play it again -- Pick your fortune cookie

Good news!
Older man's worst fear laid to rest today
"No more zipper worries" the cookie told
But then,
Tea leaves read aloud by his dearest friend.
"Bain of mankind, dread of snaps comes to haunt"
- - - - -
Poem Copyright 2014, © Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
Picture from 

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