Saturday, January 07, 2017

Sailor prompted poem --

A Happy Sailor's Girl

A sailor's girl in every port
That is what the old maxim states
That fellow I've always envied 
(Is it flip-flopped now, fem-days' call?)

For moi I've one girl at each port
Travels with me where e're I go
Even to earth's chilly bottom
Side by side we feed the Penguins

- - - 

 - Side Picture and Poem Copyright,
Ó Jimmiehov 2017, All Rights Reserved
- I'm linking to Kerry O'Connor's post, "Play it Again" at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads:  One of the options was to write a "Flash 55" poem (has 55 words -- this one has with the title).
- Cute WWII era Photo below from "Fireblossom Friday" at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,

 - 1. We have just finished a 31 day Princess cruise, from L.A. to Rio de Janeiro, from December 4 to January 4.  One of our stops was at the Falkland Islands to visit the Penguins.  No, we were not allowed to feed them but we were able to be VERY close.  You can read more about this fun cruise as my writing progresses through the next few months at "Jim's Little Blog", 
 - 2. I ask forgiveness for all who have read my few posts while cruising and then OF COURSE the time elapsed for returning your nice comments.  Thank you all.
 - 3. One more thing, Mrs. Jim had an unmentionable numbered birthday on January 1st.  The table waiters and I all sang the birthday song to her. (I did not forget to get her a card before we left to open that day--I haven't forgotten in all the 44 years we have been married.)

 - 4. You probably already knew that Penguin couples stay together for life most times.  Each time for babies, they take turns sitting on the egg (not really a nest, just on the ground).  They also share feeding and watching. 

When one goes to eat, by catching a fish along the shore, the other is always on the job minding family matters.  Mrs. Jim's and my marriage has pretty well been like.  Most times I do my own clothes washing, most times do the vacuuming, and often prepare meals.  Mine are the man kind, hot dogs, a nice deli sandwich, etc.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Tuesday Platform prose poem (?) for you

A New Year


When "they" asked me reflect on humanity as an elder sees I had no ready answer.


Mostly my 'humanity' is relegated to moi.  I know for sure that isn't what 'they' wanted me to tell.


So I looked around, from toddlers to those even older than I, those I figure would represent humanity for me to see.


The younger set argued a lot, over small things, large in size.  Like who could have the toy with which they all wished to play.


I'd find a happier note, perhaps coming from those in their teens.  They smooched a lot, talked of silly matters, but argued not.  I wish they could be more serious.


College ages seemed a selfish lot, with protests and student riots at every turn.  Mostly they want things that help them, for free.  Like free college tuition, free room and board, free meals, lodging, and clothing.  They are, though, conscious of rights of others and will willingly protest for those as well.


Upper the ladder of ages I searched, the young adult set.  Not many married now, like in my earlier days.  And those who were were saving up for childern's care, those not yet born.


Middle age was a big surprise, not like mine at all.  Raunchy in my view, partner swapping, even married.  Or living beyound their means, bankruptcy seemed no big thing.  When they did have children, the kids were atrocious, rather like those youngster who faught over toys I had mentioned before.


A ripened age found the folk to be of a more serious age.  Very opinoniated, mosty about the problems of the world.  Not that they could change things one bit, they are another of a "silent majority" as the will vote on any and every item that comes us.


The elderly, well we mostly want to be able to be living in the morning when we wake up and wish well for our families.  Maybe chocolate every day.  And a way to get out of the house when we wish, travel and do the things of the nature which we've become accustomed.
- - -

Picture and Poem Copyright,
Ó Jimmiehov 2017, All Rights Reserved

I'm linking with  By Kerry O'Conner at
It's a little loose on the writing, just barely proofread, as I'm paying for Internet by the minute tonight.  Hope that will be okay for just this one more time.
Thank you Kerry, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
p.s. I am unavailable to return comments but I'd love to have yours.

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