Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grandpa's gone now -- A 'Challenge' answer poem

Grandpa, raconteur friend, gone
Grandpa lived in the good old days
Days of old when children played free
Free of worried moms' curtains peek
He'd be safe until supper time
Grandpa ran away, lets go too
We've packed some lunch, water bottle,
And the works in life's small treasures
A dead frog, old key, some marbles
We catch a ride, a wagon train
Bright with Gypsy decorations
Bundled away out of the cold
Breakfast porridge, chicken at night
One complaint from us, chores to do
Beg from farmers' doorsteps still damp
Damp with warm milk spilt every morn
Get our portion, us urchins bold
Then one day the sheriff he comes
Inspecting the train, horses too
Some he takes, Farmer Joe ID's
Under the blanket he finds us
We talk about those days of old
We're old now ourselves eighty-five
We snatch a key, drive to Mac Dee
Senior coffee, egg biscuit hot
Relive those days, our stories long
How our Gypsy hosts made kids work
How they boiled in oil Gramp's dead frog
Gypsy potion against the flu
We've just spread our strawberry jam
Second coffee filled, daughter comes
She'd seen us leave, knew where we'd be
Time for Grandpas to come back home
My dream tonight, it's true my oath
Grandpa's in Heaven telling tales
How Gypsies got us, olden day
How we'd escape in borrowed truck
Grandpa now six years older, gone
Gone to "a better place"--they're right
Daughter peeking through the curtains
Wonders, angels' ride did he steal

- - - - -

Photos and Poem Copyright, © 2014 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

I am linked with Björn Rudberg at the Real Toads, Sunday Mini-Challenge Time-travel

Also I am linked with  at the Real Toads, Open Monday (Link)

Bjorn's challenge  is to "Write a piece of poetry or prose that use past, present and future in the same poem."  I tried to do that.  I'll proof it again tomorrow.  :)

(1)  I have written several "Grandpa" poems on this blog and some more that mention the word "grandpa" within their bodies.  Go HERE to read some of them (this 'Old Blogger' machine does not make a "Next Page" button).

(2)  Pictures, top to bottom: (you can click on any for a larger few, click again for bigger still) 
 - Empty Rocking Chair, one of four on our back porch;
 - Elephant Driving Peddle Car taken in our local Toys 'R Us elephant plush toy display;
 - Fall Scarecrow was sitting in the lobby of my doctor's office;
 - a selfie I took on one of few of our cold Southeast Texas days;
 - Pretty Girl Green Jeep taken parked in front of a home in Key West, Florida; and
 - Faithful Shepherd Pal (it may not be neither a shepherd dog nor a 'him') waiting for his mistress in front of a church in Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Wales (beautiful little town, you should visit there--or spend two days and a night like we did).  The church was having a Saturday Morning Coffee event which we attended.  Mrs. Jim bought a couple of embroideried items and we had several servings of excellent (free) coffee and scones.

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