Saturday, July 02, 2016

War ~~ Wave your flag wildly ~~ a 55 Plus Poem

I'm not into war
I don't read about wars
I don't watch war movies
I don't like to talk about war
Why should I write about wars
I will tell you what I have to say
I am thankful for those who fought
They fought for your and my freedoms
Five Army years I spent
- - - -
Photo and Poem Copyright © 2008 and 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
2008 Photo of my beagle dog, Adi, was a part of this Jim's Little Blog post:
I'm linked with Kerry O'Conner at the
Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Flash 55 Plus! (link)
Today she wants EXACTLY 55 Word, not more, no less
 - A college dropout when I went in, I learned electronics during my second hitch at a NIKE Hercules school for maintaining the computer and radars.  After I was discharged my education and experience qualified me for a job as a Philco Corporation Tech Rep Field Engineer. 
 - I held engineering slots with the company, then Ford Aerospace, being a Senior Aerospace Engineer when I left the company and NASA for a teaching career.  Thank you, Army  training.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A "Weeds in the Garden" poem

On Being a Weed
I am but a little weed in my soul
Being adopted, domesticated,
potted.  Now 'weeded' and cultivated
They call me a flower. Little daisy
Do wash your pretty face, ears, and behind
Don't play with naughty boys, act a lady
Go to Sunday school with your grandmother
Learn the memory verses, then tell grandpa
Be nice at school, learn perfect penmanship
Grow up to be ladylike, what they want
I'll follow their rules, daisy I'm not.  But  
I'll act my own weed-at-heart when I'm grown   
_ _ _ _
Photo and Poem Copyright © 2012 and 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
2012 Photo was a part of this Jim's Little Blog post:
It truly is a wild flower, a weed.  It grew, must have been from a seed,
 in this pot. I did not pot it.  I leave it alone and it comes up every year,
blooming about two or three times each.
I'm linked with at The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,
Weeds in the Garden (link).  She wants us to have a 'Weed' poem.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I Love without Even Thinking ~~ a 'Poem' for Tuesday Platform

(From Charles M. Schulz Museum Archives,
originally published June 7, 1958.)

She Softly Whispered;
(Or was it Love)   

I love you, Jimmy, she softly whispered
I love you too, My Darling and Sweetest  

That was last night, it was lovely for both
Today, what is the scene, what do we hear

I think I've found true love, I'll make him mine
The girls gathered 'round, waiting to hear more
Was there a knight in shining armor, or
Did she end up, another one night stand

I've found the neatest chick, loves me madly
Guys come quickly, our Romeo tells all
She's a nice girl, I whispered her "the words" 
Did he triumph, another one night stand

_ _ _ _ _

Poem and Photo Copyright © 2016 and 2011 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

Comic Picture tribute Charles Schultz Museum Archives
copied from The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

Today I am linked with Marian's post at the link above
It is open Tuesday, The Tuesday Platform
where we write as we feel and link it to her post

Another of my 'Poem' of a similar bend you may have read:

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

A-Sailing We Go ~~ A mini-challenge Poem for you


(A-Sailing We Go)
We will go a-sailing,
a-sailing we will go
No sail we two will have,
paddle pedals work  

Around the lake we sail,
with a stop here and there
No monkey business we,
only real birds and bees
Ducks on the shore do watch,
same for ones on the fence
Around the bend they watch,
until we reach the wall
Not all geese will agree,
not those stuck on the wrong
The wrong side of the fence,
not a pretty scene bids
Mind your side of the fence,
bad is on other side
_ _ _ _ _
 -  [click on pictures once or twice for larger view]
Photos and Poem Copyright © 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
 - The Photos were taken on our recent visit to Regents Park, London, U.K.
 - KP, Mrs. Jim, and I did a 'paddle boat' tour of the lake at Regents Park back in 2013.  I wrote a poem using pictures from that visit, I called it "A Troll Lives Here."
 - Today I'm linked with Gillena Cox in The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,
FASHION ME YOUR WORDS ~ a sailing we will go (I am at 100 words, not counting the title.
 - I found a Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme, "I saw a ship a-sailing" when I was trying to find out how to spell "a-sailing".  The Rhyme is linked below:
- "I saw a ship a-sailing..."
by Mother Goose

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