Sunday, February 03, 2013

One Single Impression: Charisma

There is a saying
that you can't make a silk purse
from a sow's ear.

I can tell you that is true. 
Been seein' that for years, 
most remembered time was
out in the corn field. We
were young, still teens

My friend shocked me then,
on the job, with mixed comp'ny,
if you could call boys 'n girls
in the corn field mixed

It was for a contest
the sort of which I'd call obscene 
At least I'd never seen it played
before, and never still

I declined but that episode 
and his new Ford convertible
are what came to me first about him
Saw him later, now I can
remember differently.  He did win,
big time in his career
before descending with rest of us,
into retirement

Still though, charisma not. 
For me he will always be 
just one of us folk

- - -

48 graduated — 18 came — 18 deceased
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Photo and Poem Copyright
©2011 and 2013, Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

- - -

Picture was taken (my camera) at my (Jim's) 60th high school class reunion.
Prompt word, 'Charisma,' was provided by Joanne at (4Joy)
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One Single Impression.
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Note: Since I am using the label, 'Jim's Life,' this is a true story involving me, most of which I have experienced.  Not every other story in this blog is true, even if it seems that it could be.

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