Thursday, November 17, 2016

A challenge poem for today ~~ written for "music with meow"

I'd like for you to read the 'poem' before you play the video.  Thanks.

 Featuring Zack de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine)

Super Cat

Super Cat awoke one morning 
on the wrong side of the bed. 
Kicked the dog and went back to bed. 
This Hip Hop Music, has it gone to his head?  
He used to be sweet and mellow, yellow kitty. 
What is going on?

Who called the cops, he's done no wrong?  
Take 'em down!  He's bigger than them all, 
bigger than their car.  Dragon breath spray 
might turn them around, he'll see. 
Burned the car, cops and all. 
Now he's in deep trouble.

Joined by his friend, she saw what he done.  
Bad!  Cop burning is touchy, even for us.
Bad luck! Black Cats bring bad luck too, 
literally and even if the cat is your 
best friend. Oh dear, more?
Oh dear, close his eyes. 

When he awoke again he was on the floor, 
Black Cat was there as well. She was 
sleeping, head on our hero's shoulder, 
licking his paws in her sleep. 
His toys were scattered amongst,
police car toy not burned.

Was there any meaning to this bad dream?
Super Cat might never know. 
Scary but to shrinks he'd never see. 
Change his music he must. 
Yellow Mellow will do fine. 
One life's surely gone, eight to go.
_ _ _ _

Poem copyright, © 2016 Jimmiehov, All rights reserved
Video copied from Marian at the link below.
I am linked with Marian at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Music with Meow.

Marian suggested that we watch and listen to the two videos on here post (above link), with the object of gaining inspiration for writing from our viewing.

I'm also linked with Sandee at her "Feline Friday" here, (she has a lot of pretty cats linked)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Tuesday poem, 'Keeping a fire'

The fire's gone out

Oh, my dear, the fire has gone out
 Can we start it again or not
It doesn't seem it had a chance
 Logs are plenty, an ember not

It will take a match, kindling, more
 Another bad start?  Shall we chance?
Not start at all, salvage the wood?
 I say flip a coin, winner choose
_ _ _ _
Photo and Poem copyright, © 2016 Jimmiehov, All rights reserved

I am linked with Marian at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Tuesday Platfom.

Marian's said we can use any poem previously written or we can write a new one.  I opted for a new writingHer theme is "Many of us are struggling with darkness; let us endeavor to keep a light ablaze in the Garden."

My writer doesn't seem to be keeping very well with the theme.  "Flipping a coin" is an antiphrase* to her suggestion, "let us endeavor."


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