Sunday, November 06, 2016

I'm Bored ~~ A ditty for "Play it Again" challenge

I'm Bored;
I want off this train

I'm bored, I want off this train
This train is going nowhere
Nowhere that I want to go
Please let me off, stop the train 

The seats are dirty and old
The carpets are soiled with milk
Milk train stops at every town
Stops where I don't want to go

This train is slow, slowed with age
I'm no spring chicken, I'll go
You ride this train all you want
I'm getting off the next stop

There's a new train in our town
It takes me where lights are bright
Where I've been wanting to go
I liked you once but no more

_ _ _

Poem copyright, Jimmiehov 2016, All Rights Reserved

Photo is a "Print Screen" copy of Boredom by Kenia Cris found at The Sunday Challenge ~ Featuring Kenia Cris, March 3, 2012, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads;

I'm linked today with Kerry O'Conner at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Play It Again, Toads! ;

And again on Tuesday, I linked with Kerry O'Conner at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  This time for the Tuesday Platform (link).  My train riding can also apply to politics, stay with the system or ride with the supposedly to be new ride.

 (1) At "Play it Again" we are to go back to past Garden days and write for one of three suggested posts or another oldie.  I chose to write my poem, "I'm Bored", based on Kenia's art at the first link above.
 (2) Kenia Cris can be found in  various social media places, use Google to find them.  Her poetry currently is to be found here,
 - Some of her photographic art can be found here,

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A "November Pilgrim Girl" poem with a picture to color

 . .. . . . . Courtesy of "FreePrintable[dot]net", a freebie

Not yesterday I learned to know
The love of bare November days*
(Robert Frost, My November Guest)

Color Me

Color me the hues of your mid Autumn
 People will know my name is November 

November with pilgrim's hat, royal black
 The hat will tell the world of my values
Values we stand for still, banned from U.K.
 Standing for good teachings of the Bible

Color my dress to match the harvest, corn 
 Fill my orange bucket, a Halloween 
leftover, with frothy crystal white, frost 
 Left hand holds a shining star, colored bright

My stockings white with red and yellow bands
 Can't forget the shoes, shiny black, brown soles 
My hair will be blonde, heavy yellowish 
 Skin still summer rose, cheeks especially

Trees are yellow and red, shining slightly
 Walnuts dropping around, ripe, dulling green 
Clouds a few, dirty gray, no snow just yet 
 Let the sun be cooling, goldish orange

The ground is brown with wilted grass, dying 
 Green grass under the bench, soft on the feet
Color the bench 'park bench color', you choose
 Handsome lad come sit by our Pilgrim girl 
_ _ _ _ 

Photo* and Poem copyright, Jimmiehov 2016, All Rights Reserved

I am linked with Marian at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Tuesday Platform --

(1) Poem in it's entirety is on the Imaginary Garden site, linked.
(2) The coloring picture is a "Print Screen" taken from Click on the picture to make it larger, copy it, print it out and color to suit your own choices.  I received it as a part of my subscription to "FreePrintable[dot]net" concerning coloring Halloween letterhead pictures and books for youngsters. This one was free.  I use their free calendar templates for a monthly newsletter calendar. 
From the link above you can navigate their site and get your own free subscription.

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