Sunday, October 04, 2009

One Single Impression: Descent

Downward Descent

It was time to go home.
Say you an about face?
Forty-nine days this crew
was up in outer space.

They'd orbited the earth
near sixteen times a day,
two hundred seventeen
miles above earth's highways.

Now the bay doors are closed
and extra fuel's been burned.
Back into the capsule,
again its keep to earn.

All was in order there
like it was when it went.
Up and up it had climbed
then slept until descent.

Closed the hatch slid the bolt
systems checked status go.
Pushed off a bit, it's loose.
Cool now, soon it will glow.

Down from heaven they went.
Trail of fire as they fell,
sped down so far so fast.
Will they descend to hell?

Should they miss target mark.
Down, followed by the fire.
Be right, no turning back,
or find Lucifer's ire.

Copyright © 2009 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

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"Descent" as prompt was
suggested by Sue of
Sunflower Roots

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