Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Single Impression: Farewells

Fond Farewells

fond farewells happen
kiss hug grin smile when she goes
most often so sad

fond farewells happen
thank God and Greyhound she's gone *
gone is love--her too

fond farewells happen
I found out the hard way now
I'm already gone *

cried and cried some more
it wasn't so fond at all
not a fond farewell
when will sobbing ever stop

elusive sleep * -- Valium

this one is not fond
my little creature Adi
sorely missed my dog

Copyright © 2009 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

Tag: One Single Impression Farewells
Nancy Bea Miller of Genre Cook Shop brought this week's prompt
Tag: Jim's OSI

Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do. Edgar Dégas
The same may go for poetry? (whatever, I enjoy painting with the words!)

* Notes (Links to song lyrics):
I'm already gone The Eagles
Link: (
elusive sleep--Your cheating heart) Ray Charles
thank God and Greyhound Roy Clark

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At Sunday, March 15, 2009 2:23:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh..I'm so sorry Jim. My heart goes out to you..I know this is painful-I'll be praying for you guys-

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 6:13:00 AM, Blogger SandyCarlson said...

How hard, Jim. How sad. My heart breaks, too.

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 6:32:00 AM, Blogger Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Ahh Jim, I am sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 6:45:00 AM, Blogger anthonynorth said...

Sorry to hear about this. Your words are poignant.

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 7:18:00 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Hey Guys. I'm remarried now (both of us are and each is very happy). That all was 39 years ago. And (maybe) it really wasn't that bad.
I do think many people have been through times similar to this in one way or another.

Adi, our twelve year old beagle, was just going on a visit while we were out, she is here every day. But doesn't she look sad!


At Sunday, March 15, 2009 7:28:00 AM, Blogger sgreerpitt said...

I liked your play on the phrase "fond farewells" -- I mean it's a silly phrase isn't it, who can a farewell be fond? Either you are fond of the person, so you're sad at farewell, or you're glad they are gone so it's not really a "fond" farewell -- it's a good riddance. Nice job!

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 7:28:00 AM, Blogger gautami tripathy said...

Life does have ups and downs. We gotta face it, no matter what..

washed by words

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 10:01:00 AM, Blogger Sherri B. said...

This is heartbreaking...losing a precious family member is always unbearable. And I do believe our pets are family members. I can't bear to think of the day I'll need to say goodbye to my dog.

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 10:27:00 AM, Blogger Quiet Paths said...

These are all so tender Jim. I'm glad to know that Adi is oK.

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 10:55:00 AM, Blogger Geraldine said...

Oh, I am so glad Adi is ok! I misread this to begin with, thought you were referring to her passing. Touching words Jim and the me right in the pumper!!!

Hugs, G

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 11:39:00 AM, Blogger Deborah Godin said...

Love the wit, wisdom and attitude in this!

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 12:24:00 PM, Blogger Barb said...

Oh, Jim! I remember immediately after my divorce, endless sobbing too - and wondering if we did the right thing. It is the hardest thing to close the book on an old friend.

If I read your comment right, Adi is OK? Has she gone on holiday?

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 1:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At first I thought "farewell..oh no..Jim's not going to be posting anymore-huh?..then, this. Ha, I'm glad this was a long ago over now pain! This was good Jim-

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 2:03:00 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

I am glad you and your Ex were able to find new life after each other.

If my husband were living, we would be Married 52 years tomorrow.

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 4:48:00 PM, Blogger Susan at Stony River said...

Oh Jim; I'm so glad to read the comments and find Adi is fine!

Farewells can be heartbreaking, but now you've got Roy Clark in my head so it's not all bad LOL. Loved your post and poem.

At Sunday, March 15, 2009 9:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my favorite line is thank God and Greyhound she's gone. :D it's little miracles.

At Monday, March 16, 2009 11:57:00 AM, Blogger storyteller said...

This poem resonates with me on two levels ... one when my Beagle Charly died at age 16 and the other when my Ex got custody of our Beagle Clyde. I wrote about the first at Sacred Ruminations a while back for OSI.
Hugs and blessings,

At Monday, March 16, 2009 4:21:00 PM, Blogger Cassiopeia Rises said...

I'll say it again Jim. I wouldn't mind your missing me my friend. Just Lovely. I am so very sorry for for you. Wish I could make you smile my friend.

love, Melanie-bd

At Monday, March 16, 2009 7:30:00 PM, Blogger qualcosa di bello said...

this breaks my heart...dogs are such loyal, sweet friends & that is one of the hardest farewells. :(

At Wednesday, March 18, 2009 8:38:00 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Jim- I love your creativity and what you have to say. Adi's picture is adorable!

At Saturday, March 21, 2009 11:34:00 PM, Blogger audrey` said...

Take care, Dr Jim =)


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