Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Poem for Midweek Motiff

First Hour of My Day

One day after another
are they any different
I'm awake sixteen minutes
before the alarm,

seems there's no snoozing
anymore so I turn it off
and get up

Making the coffee is a matter
of pushing a button,
I prepare it the night before

The TV's on from last night
I dare not turn it off for fear
it won't come on again

My first breakfast is the same
as yesterday and the day
before, the small half of the
granola bar

With the bar and coffee in
hand I settle in the chair
on the left, I always sit there,
my feet go up, network news
just started

Mesmerized I sit chew
swallow and sip
until the bar and coffee are
down, glad I didn't
get up any earlier

Had I done that I would have
heard of the killings here
during the night,
six or sixteen it might
have been,
one police death perhaps

Doesn't count those
killed by car

Watch world threats by bully
leaders, seems they aren't
heeded anymore,
see which country
was invaded while I slept

They talk about coffee being
short--will supply and demand
rule or should we ration

King of Sian takes another wife

and pay the water bill due today

I hobble to the kitchen for
another cuppa, seems I've left
my cane in the loo
retrieve the cane coffee in
hand settle down and wait
for the Mate to awake

Signed, sealed,
first hour of my day
 _ _ _

 - Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2019, All Rights Reserved
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At Thursday, October 10, 2019 8:05:00 AM, Blogger Vivian Zems said...

Sigh! So much happens - it’s hard to keep up! That first hour of your day sounds like an oasis of calm.

At Thursday, October 10, 2019 10:49:00 AM, Blogger Rob Jackson said...

I vivid description of each day...And yet somethings are not mentioned or forgotten.

At Thursday, October 10, 2019 12:12:00 PM, Blogger Sherry Blue Sky said...

My morning started EXACTLY the same way. Watching the news grows ghastlier by the day. When will it change?

At Thursday, October 10, 2019 3:56:00 PM, Blogger Susan said...

I enjoyed the detail here, You even know what you don't want to know! Mighty fine writing.

At Thursday, October 10, 2019 7:02:00 PM, Blogger Margaret said...

You know, alone time in the beginning of the day is nice! And... I don't watch much news anymore. I want to enjoy my time. I am addicted to "Time Team" from Britain. It is all reruns now but fascinating. 20 years of series and many episodes each year. They also have specials - like 60 over the course of 20 years. They were a very popular archeology show. Love the people on this show - I think my trade for this show versus the news was a great one. :) Maybe you will enjoy it too. I get it from YouTube. But I subscribe to Acorn which is Britain's "netflix" and I love it - British humor - and my all time favorite "Doc Martin"!! I think you might get a giggle out of that show. (sorry so long) Enjoyed your poem.

At Thursday, October 10, 2019 8:25:00 PM, Blogger Jeannette, said...

Your first hour in a day was vividly described here but I can sense a little boredom from the routine. Maybe a minute of meditation with closed eyes could perk it up. Thank you for sharing...

At Wednesday, October 16, 2019 1:43:00 AM, Blogger Old Egg said...

I am sure we would all be a lot happier by not switching on the news in the morning. Politics and international affairs have become uglier over the last few decades...I think some megalomaniacs are itching for another war.


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