Friday, October 04, 2019

A Flash Poem of 55 Words


This bird's gonna die 
The gas is on 'cause 
I opened the valve  

I'll pull closed the door 
Turn the fatal key 
You're after the bird  

You can watch him die 
Go slowly to sleep 
Die, die, you are dead  

Throw the key back in 
Suicide they'll think  
Though murder it is 

 Ilk must die 
 _ _ _ 

 - Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2019, All Rights Reserved
 - I'm linked with Kerry O'Connor in the Imaginary Garden at

 - At the above link Kerry has given us some information about an artist named "McMonster".  She has displayed one picture of his, an ink art work showing an owl watching some idle machinery from which came my idea for this poem. 

It is also time for Flash writing,  my offering has exactly 55 words not including the title.  

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At Friday, October 04, 2019 6:25:00 AM, Blogger Old Egg said...

Well this is a cheery little poem Jim but what can we do we are given a prompt and must use what our brains offer us!

At Friday, October 04, 2019 6:37:00 AM, Blogger Kerry O'Connor said...

A surreal reading of the images.

At Friday, October 04, 2019 10:04:00 AM, Blogger Sanaa Rizvi said...

Beautifully done!❤️

At Friday, October 04, 2019 11:08:00 AM, Blogger Helen said...

Well I love this ~~~ not sure what that says about me. LOL.

At Friday, October 04, 2019 11:11:00 AM, Blogger Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, an intriguing tale......well done, Jim.

At Friday, October 04, 2019 2:45:00 PM, Blogger tonispencer said...

Nice cheerful little poem.

At Saturday, October 05, 2019 9:25:00 AM, Blogger Helen said...

A total stranger guessed my age as minus 22 years. I hugged her right there in the department store! Some days are better than others. LOL

At Saturday, October 05, 2019 4:14:00 PM, Blogger Outlawyer said...

Yikes. Terrifying! Well done. Thanks, jim. k.

At Saturday, October 05, 2019 6:04:00 PM, Blogger said...

Well done, and so Octoberish!

At Saturday, October 05, 2019 7:18:00 PM, Blogger Vivian Zems said...

Well done with this prompt! A glimpse into a misdemeanour!

At Sunday, October 06, 2019 9:57:00 AM, Blogger brudberg said...

This was a sinister read, and it made me think about the canary bird in the mine...

At Sunday, October 06, 2019 6:30:00 PM, Blogger robkistner said...

Dark, disturbing, but intriguingly so Jim.


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