Sunday, June 04, 2017

A Poem for Flash PLUS! -- Ghost Town

Berlin, Nevada, is a ghost town
Public Domain (from Wikipedia)(Link)
I closed my eyes and willed to dream
To dream about an old ghost town
Old West town that fell on bad times
Abandoned.  Middle of the night
Loaded the old Ford trucks, some food,
Kids and dogs, pots and pans, they left 
Light of Moon, middle of the night
Kissed their fortunes teary goodbyes
_ _ _ _ _
 - Photo and Poem Copyright © 2017 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

 - I'm linked with, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Flash 55 PLUS!,

 - Kerry's instructions were to write using exactly 55 words.  The PLUS part is optional, if we meet that challenge it will be "to consider the theme of the GHOST TOWN." 
 - I did both.

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At Sunday, June 04, 2017 11:16:00 PM, Blogger Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I guess there were quite a few places like that.

At Monday, June 05, 2017 1:06:00 AM, Blogger Kerry O'Connor said...

Your poem reminds the reader why people abandoned their towns, driven away by poverty in the great Depression.

At Monday, June 05, 2017 5:58:00 AM, Blogger brudberg said...

I always imagine that moment of parting, and it always feel that they intended to come back.

At Monday, June 05, 2017 10:48:00 PM, Blogger Sreeja said...

it's a really sad situation...!

At Tuesday, June 06, 2017 12:23:00 AM, Blogger Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such a sad situation.

At Thursday, June 22, 2017 11:14:00 PM, Blogger Margaret said...

kissed their fortunes teary goodbyes Nice!


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