Monday, May 31, 2021

Writer's Pantry -- 1943 at War

Memorial Day 2021

In honor of Mrs. Jim's brother we fly our flag from our front porch and wear a red poppy from our chests. 

During WW II he and his P38 fighter plane were escorting a bomber flying over Italy in from Tunisia on December 16,  1943, just days before Mrs. Jim was born.  

His plane was shot down by enemy fire and crashed, it was confiscated and Junior was buried in a nearby churchyard until the war was over.

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Notice the mother-to-be nesting bird seems to also be mourning for the missing pilot.

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At Monday, May 31, 2021 8:10:00 AM, Blogger Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh, how sad. The big brother she never got to know.

At Monday, May 31, 2021 11:56:00 AM, Blogger Helen said...

Thank you for sharing, Jim. Greetings to Mrs. Jim .......

At Tuesday, June 01, 2021 8:00:00 AM, Blogger dsnake1 said...

thanks for sharing, Jim.


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