Saturday, January 16, 2016

More than friends, greeting time -- a Challenge Poem

[crediting Maria Wulf and her "Full Moon Fiber Art" blog for inspiration]
[Read about it here]

I love you you love me

You love me I know, I know you do. Nuzzle close
I'm here by your side, always, needing hugged
Of all the souls in this world I chose you

Others have come and they have gone, none stayed
My ear is waiting for you, for your tongue
Sweet on you, loving you, you're sweet on me

You for me, me for you, each other's love
Endearing kiss, plenty more, please come close
Both ready but for what? Dear, we shall know  

The look in your eyes, melting eyes, they tell
The feel of your skin, rubbing mine, we know
_ _ _ _ _ _

Adi Youtube (below) and Poem Copyright
© 2016 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the visual art and videos of Maria Wulf by Margaret at The Toads.
Also by my dog, Adi, and the loving attention she gives when meeting family. I hadn't realized it was "visual art" before. Adi died September 17, 2012 (link)

[my Adi Youtube video -- others, click here]

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At Saturday, January 16, 2016 10:56:00 AM, Blogger Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks for including your own video clip, Jim. Such an adorable creature must be very hard to live without.

At Saturday, January 16, 2016 11:35:00 AM, Blogger Maude Lynn said...

This is so sweet!

At Saturday, January 16, 2016 1:40:00 PM, Blogger brudberg said...

So wonderfully sweet... the love of an animal can be something so special....

At Saturday, January 16, 2016 5:56:00 PM, Blogger Jennifer Wagner said...

Lots of love evident here!

At Sunday, January 17, 2016 3:55:00 PM, Blogger Margaret said...

sweet dog... and sweet poem. Obviously could be for a two and a four legged love. :)

At Tuesday, January 19, 2016 5:40:00 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Sweet soul. :)


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