Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Single Impression: Miracle (an acrostic poem)


Magic it seemed to be
Insiders know it's fake
Real people don't eat quiche
All the stones turned to cake
Calling to all the thieves
Let's go through the side gate
Everyone there believes
- - - -

Poem and Photo Copyright
© 2012 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

- - - -
Pictured are rocks and a C**nut from various places we have visited.
The prompt word "Miracle" was suggested by Geraldine of Take a Happy Break.
For more poems using this prompt word please go to One Single Impression.

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At Sunday, March 18, 2012 12:42:00 AM, Blogger Ramesh Sood said...

This is so subtle and spontaneous Jim..liked it...

I invite you to visit me on OSI and bless my

At Sunday, March 18, 2012 4:31:00 AM, Blogger anthonynorth said...

Excellently deep.

At Sunday, March 18, 2012 8:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

like the interesting irony!!

At Monday, March 19, 2012 9:25:00 PM, Blogger The Write Girl said...

I love the acrostic poem here Jim. A clever and thoughtful piece. Nicely written.

At Tuesday, March 20, 2012 4:04:00 AM, Anonymous Mariya Koleva said...

Well-worded and with an acrostic. You've done so well by this prompt.

At Tuesday, March 20, 2012 4:08:00 AM, Blogger Lisa at Greenbow said...

This one has me scratching my head. Hmmmm Love your collection of rocks and c*nuts.

At Tuesday, March 20, 2012 1:48:00 PM, Blogger Geraldine said...

Very nice Jim...I agree with Ramesh, subtle and spontaneous too. :<)

At Wednesday, March 21, 2012 2:59:00 AM, Blogger PremI said...

You have left me thinking!

At Friday, March 23, 2012 7:44:00 PM, Blogger Lady In Read said...

stone turned to cake..:) love it.. that is a miracle, Jim..

At Thursday, April 05, 2012 7:05:00 AM, Blogger audrey` said...

Very good! :) Stone turned to cake is a real miracle.


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