Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! -- Happy Birthday, Mrs. Jim!

Isn't that a good looking family, taken just on the spur of the moment. Karen came to get KP who had been here almost a week and obliged for a 'blog picture' of us. Left to right you see KP, Mrs. Jim, Adi, Katrin, and me (Jim). Some more new Baby Kp pictures are here.

That was taken yesterday, today is Mrs. Jim's birthday. Yes, she was a New Year's Day Baby. On that day her preacher, Dr. Herschel Hobbs
*, came to bless her, pray for her, and help Mema** commit her to the Lord. Sounds like Samuel.

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. I would love to know how many do but there isn't any way. I think there are as many relative, friends, and interested persons who read this as there are those who leave comments. I say there are 40 for this blog and 50 for the Little Blog (link). If I thought 100 I might want to brag so these are my numbers for 90.

The old 1999 calendar you have laying around can be recycled this year. It matches the one for 2010 perfectly. I save mine for just to reuse them. When I find my 1999 NAPA car calendar I will post a picture, for February I hope, of that. In the meantime this other planner 1999 calendar will do just fine. And of course my 2010 free car calendars which I aways get a few of each year.

* Dr. Herschel Hobbs (1907-1995) was a Baptist preacher who preached in Louisiana before he came to Oklahoma to spend the most of his career. Dr. Hobbs wrote a Sunday school lesson commentary which was very useful to me. Once when he came to Houston I was honored to shake his hand and talk briefly with him. (
** Mema, now deceased, Mrs. Jim's mother. (
link, another of my blogs, please scroll down just a bit on this blog)
*** I collect NAPA Auto Parts calendars. I missed the very first one and then sat out a bit in the early 2000's. (
link, Jim's Little Blog)

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At Friday, January 01, 2010 11:17:00 AM, Blogger storyteller said...

Yez ... it's a marvelous photo ;-)
Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim! I've enjoyed catching up a bit here ... reading your poems and acrostics. I'm hoping to regain some clarity and focus more attention on WRITING this year ... possibly picking up One Single Impression once again. I've shared 13 Random Reflections as a start and guess we'll see what comes next there.

Thanks for your visit to Small Reflections. The beach was rather deserted when I snapped that photo in the late afternoon on a rare cold, cloudy day in Southern California at the beach. I tend to like to leave photos 'as is' because they match my memory of the moment better, but from what visitors said ... most tend to prefer 'tweaked' versions. I appreciate your feedback on each and definitely see what you mean.

Alas, I'm still having printer issues and have revised my Christmas card this year to be New Year's greetings to be sent out little by little I guess. I suspect there are family and friends out there wondering if I've fallen off the face of the earth because this is the first time I've failed to send holiday greetings in DECADES ... seriously! If they read my blogs, they'd have a clue about what's happened, but few (if any) spend such time at the computer and I don't do much 'email' these days.

As for Adult Classes ... like you (after spending 34 years as a teacher) I avoided such things for many years but am glad I finally checked them out because I've learned lots and discovered it's more fun being on the receiving end of things at this point in my life.

I'm guessing your Blue Monday photo is on another blog ... so I'm going in search of that now. Hope you're enjoying New Years Day and have something wonderful planned for Mrs. Jim's birthday ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

At Tuesday, January 05, 2010 3:56:00 AM, Blogger Robin said...

Definitely a photo to treasure.

Re your visitors, you can use a site like to tell you how many people are visiting your blog, and from where. I've been using it for years. You need to install a piece of code in your template, instructions for signing up and doing so (it's free) are on their site. It's fun to see who's out there.

At Wednesday, January 06, 2010 5:56:00 PM, Blogger Suburban Girl said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim! My son was a New Year's Eve would have KILLED my husband to have had a New Year's baby and miss out on the tax deduction!

At Saturday, January 09, 2010 9:57:00 PM, Anonymous Gel said...

Happy Belated BD to your Mrs. Jim!
Please tell her how beautiful she is! Gorgeous eyes and that smile would melt my heart in an instant. You're definitely a lucky man, Jim (GET).

Now those others in the photo are all adorable, too- yes, even you! :)


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