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From Acrostic Only -- 2009-08

I posted this so I could find it mixed in through my archives.

Prompts & News Flash for the Month of August
Posted by Amias on 8/01/2009

Prompts & News Flash for the Month of August
Posted by Amias on 8/01/2009
Beginning this month Acrostic Only will go to a Monthly Prompt. Writer's choice. Do one or do them all.

Prompt 1 – Enjoyable Action: FIRST DATE
Prompt 2 – Silly Word: PAWN
Prompt 3 - Single Word: RECYCLING
Prompt 4 - Two Words: MIND CONTROL
Prompt 5 – Phrase: BREAKING THE MOLD
Prompt 6 – Unique Word: CREMATION
Prompt 7 – Writer’s Choice: ( POET’S CHOICE )
Prompt 8 – Nature: HONEYSUCKLES
Prompt 9 – Slang: ANTS IN YOUR PANTS
Prompt 10 – Spirituality: REINCARNATION
Prompt 11 – Book Title: ANGELS AND DEMONS
Prompt 12 – Movie Title: KUNG FU PANDA
Prompt 13 – Song Title: LOVE ME TENDER


--- August News Flash ---

Acrostic Only will be issuing the following awards beginning the month of August:

Most Active Poet of the Month Award – Poet who submits the most poems for the month will receive this award and an autograph copy of Amias’ book, Mind Locks or Liquidplastic. Click on the title to read reviews.

Best Acrostic Poem Award (BAP) & Honorable Mentions – Will be award for each Prompt based on a minimum of three or more participants. You may submit as many poems as you desire per prompt. Any prompt with less then three submission will receive no award.

Poet of the Month Award (POM) – The poet who has written the most creative acrostic of the month will received this award.

Poet of the Year Award (POY) – One poet will be chosen from winners of Poet of the Month awards and voted on by participants of Acrostic Only, which will be emailed to Amias when requested. The reward for the Poet of the Year will be announced at a later date.

Attention: If you are a participant, check the Acrostic Participants' List and make sure your name is on it, if not give me a Shout Out!

Be creative, be active, but most of all have fun.


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