Tuesday, September 04, 2018

a Tuesday Poem -- Lids up? Lids dowm? Who chooses?

Lids down
When I'm done 
Look better that way 
Ladies demand that, it's their way 

When I'm away it's different 
Leaving the seat clean 
Best for next 
When lids 
 _ _ _ _

 - Photo and Poem Copyright, Jimmiehov 2018, All Rights Reserved  (Bottom photo is the restroom at my favorite fried catfish eating place in Alexandria. Louisiana.   It is outside, around back, and gets my nod for "In need of refreshing."  Click the picture a couple of times to see things up close. It accomodates women and men one at a time.  I try to not touch the lid there.)
 - Fibonacci Poem for Tuesday: 
Syllable length is based on the Fibonacci Sequence (math majors love these, I have a math minor with 21 college hours of math. Differential Equations was my highest level course, though not the last. 
- My "Fib" poem today is 1/1/2/3/5/8 syllables, then I reversed the number sequence after 8 syllables for a 12-line 'poem'.


  1. Who knows, I like it put down. :) Love the way the poem looks on the page.

  2. Now if you lived in the outback you would keep it down. Snakes look for water. Keep it down.

  3. Well, it's down here, but that wasn't my idea. Hubby puts it down and that's that.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ☺

  4. That's the mind of a poet, who can see poetry everywhere!!!

  5. If the lid stays down and everyone forms the habit of lifting only when necessary, then nothing is ever ruined by falling into the bowl.

    (That's an advantage of a modern (dry) toilet that only occurred to me now...coins and jewelry could be saved if they fell in, and even lipstick wouldn't clog the drain!)

  6. Ah the ultimate question in every household and dispute at times too lol!

  7. LOL - and never mind about hygiene (there is science-to-health to prove it's actually a better thing to keep the lid down etc.) but for sure, it would stop tons of commo ... er commotion and arguments.

    Fun little amusement Jim - to seek the laughter and poetry in the everyday.

  8. Up or down? I have one of those helper seats where the lid is always down. Better hygiene as well. I certainly wasn't expecting a poem about toilet seats today.

  9. A potty poem
    Is a punny way
    To start the day.

    You made me smile, Jim.

  10. Ha! An amusing write.
    Just keep it clean, I say, whichever is the way. XD

  11. Interesting how you formed it print wise......BUT in the end ( no pun ) the lids should go down!

  12. Clean is the most important... I think... but we need to learn how to behave.

  13. fun poem dear Jim!

    you asked about our area's taxi so here is reply

    Our taxi is more like normal car or you can say little smaller then that! but these are the typical yellow taxies
    now the rented rides are available online and they are of various categories from bike to luxurious huge corolla

    rickshaw is totally different and small ride my friend!

  14. You are always so thoughtful! I'm sure Mrs. Jim appreciates the seat being put down at home.

    Teresa from Razzamadazzle

  15. It's all good until you forget in the middle of the night.