Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sins of the mother -- Bits of Inspiration, Keyhole poem

[click on picture twice for largest view]...
There she lived

There she lived beneath the bells
Had her toys, they brought her meals

Only view was through the star
At first she cried, Mama, come

Mama couldn't come, away
For ten years, away and gone 

She learned of life through the grill
Seeing things no one could dream
Waiting for someone to come
Love her, take her to their home

Someday will come, until then
She'd do her time like her mom

Sins of the mother visit
Daughter in loneliness pays
_ _ _ _ _

 - Photos and Poem Copyright © 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

 - Linked with Bits of Inspiration ~ Keyhole Imagined By at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  You can find links to other poems there.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grazing ~~ a Tuesday Platform Poem

Southern Cattle Grazing

They nibble, take a bite here and again
Going down by the slough, green and grassy
They'll stop, something substantial for the cud
Southern cows, babies in tow, males clumped

Happier today, fresh pasture beckons
Carry their plate, it would be very full
Mention food and they'll come from miles and miles
Southern Baptist cattle, they like to eat

Bibles are on chairs saving their places
Younger ones, a few older, have iPads
Dollar for the plate, quarters for kids
Preacher gets paid, tells their sins, Bible says

Another bite, piece of cake, coffee calls
They've grazed enough, tummies full, chew their cud
Listen to the preacher, God hating sin
Sing songs, praise the Lord, Jesus in their hearts

Do we think all cows will go to Heaven?

_ _-_ _ _
 - Photos and Poem Copyright © 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

 - I'm linked with Kerry O'Conner at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, The Tuesday Platform, which on Tuesdays is an open forum.

 - Bottom pictures were taken 1-24-2016 at the Second Baptist Church, Houston, FM 1463 Campus (link) where we had our annual "Great Big Breakfast."  Turnout was great, we had 20 eight-foot tables of food.  
 - I hope I'm not being sacrilegious here.  Actually I do believe that all animals, God's creatures, will go to Heaven, they are eagerly waiting (Romans 8:18-25 [click here]).
 - Top picture is a part of the flood control network for our subdivision, Cinco Ranch, in Katy, Texas (link).  It was formerly farm land, rice fields and pasture land.  There are no cows grazing here anymore.  Note the 2.1 mile walking trail around this part of the network.  We walk a mile or two, 30 minutes doctor's orders. 

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Where was she buried? ~~ a Poem for "Play It Again, Toads!"

We took him there to see

She's buried here someplace
I think down at the south end, 
somewhere near the southeast corner
There's no stone for her

That's all he said, it wasn't a lot 
We walked down that way, 
I read some names along the way 
Family names most all, quite a lot for ours 
But none were for her

She didn't have a name, Dad had said, 
and it's what we had heard 
We hung around for a bit, fairly silent

An old pickup stopped by on the road 
Elmer John got out and chatted with my dad
About the same age they were

We stepped their way, I introduced myself to him 
Chatting some more, I told him why we had come 
Trying to locate Dad's little sister,
where she was put

Dad was born a twin, both were preemie babies, 
each had weighed barely two pounds, 
only one had lived

They hadn't named her,
just buried "Baby Girl" in a plot

Elmer was good news that day,  
he was caretaker now 
and had a map at his house 

We went to see and sure enough,  
our "Baby Girl" was there on his map,  
about four feet from the road, 
forty from the east line 

Armed with this information, back we went 
I was thinking of how we had looked there before
but now he'll know 

Dad was happy with what he'd heard  
He'd seen it on the page and
walked the ground with his feet

He knew there wasn't a stone,
but now he knew, for sure
what he'd been told was right
Settled with him

We were happy too. We didn't mention that the
old dirt road was what showed on the map
but since it had been widened and graveled

But Dad knew what he knew. He was happy again

_ _ _ _ _
 - Top photo by Daryl Edelstein and posted January 28, 2012 by Fireblosom in her Weekend Photo Challenge (
 - Lower Photo and Poem Copyright © 2013 and 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
 - I'm linked with Kerry O'Connor
 - Fact check:  My dad was born a twin, both together didn't weigh four pounds.  They were born on Grandpa's farm and were kept in shoe boxes in the oven.  The sister was not named, died at age one day, and was buried in a country cemetery, 'in the corner down by the road.'  There was no tombstone. 
 -  More:  There was a map which showed the place, very likely now on .  The caretaker's name was not Elmer John and he did not drive by.  Mrs. Jim and I did take Dad to the cemetery.  We also knew where the caretaker lived so we went to his home.  He gave us a copy of his map.  There is one other in the county museum.  I have no idea of what all Dad was thinking but was aware and wanted to show us.  Turned out we also showed him some details concerning his sister's burial place, the map.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Glenn Frey, in Tribute

_ _ _ _ _

For Glenn Frey;
My Desperado

Billy Joel sang, "Only the Good
Die Young".  Glenn Frey,
he died a golden age
Sixty-seven years-too soon 

'There's a "New Kid in Town''
His 'I'm "Already  Gone"' 
Didn't mean his passing,
"Peaceful Easy Feeling"

"California Hotel
and "Life in the Fast Lane"
Earbugs all, favorites
In our hearts forever
_ _ _ _ _
 - Photo and Poem Copyright © 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
 - I'm linked with Kerry O'Connor

a "song that's stuck in your head that you can't get out for anything." (Urban Dictionary)

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

A 'Real Poem' -- Truths, where I don't often go

Tall girls make me 

tall girls make me nervous 
they really do. Make me nervous 
what is it with them that makes me  this way 

you have no idea how it makes me feel
me being with them 
it isn't parts they've got, nor what they haven't 

it's them 
closed elevators escalate

like a tall one who wanted me to join  mensa with her  

it's her mind-all their minds-i guess-grows them tall

i wish i were a tall girl
_ _ _ _ 

Photo  and Poem Copyright © 2014 and 2016 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved

I'm linked with

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More than friends, greeting time -- a Challenge Poem

[crediting Maria Wulf and her "Full Moon Fiber Art" blog for inspiration]
[Read about it here]

I love you you love me

You love me I know, I know you do. Nuzzle close
I'm here by your side, always, needing hugged
Of all the souls in this world I chose you

Others have come and they have gone, none stayed
My ear is waiting for you, for your tongue
Sweet on you, loving you, you're sweet on me

You for me, me for you, each other's love
Endearing kiss, plenty more, please come close
Both ready but for what? Dear, we shall know  

The look in your eyes, melting eyes, they tell
The feel of your skin, rubbing mine, we know
_ _ _ _ _ _

Adi Youtube (below) and Poem Copyright
© 2016 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the visual art and videos of Maria Wulf by Margaret at The Toads.
Also by my dog, Adi, and the loving attention she gives when meeting family. I hadn't realized it was "visual art" before. Adi died September 17, 2012 (link)

[my Adi Youtube video -- others, click here]

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tribute to David Bowie ~~ My Challenge Poem

Sail Away

Katie loved her Papa so very much
She remembers the day they went sailing
Sailing to places they'd not been before
Sail away, sail away, they sailed away

Regent's Park, whose innards were calling them
They sailed to places, never seen before
Edge of the world was just around the Horn
Katie sang, "Sale away, sale away, now"

They talked to ducks resting on the island
Papa talked the most, he knew their language
Kate laughed and sighed, would this happen again
Sailing away, where they'd not been before

Katie wondered now, cause Papa was gone
Sailed away, he couldn't come back, he left
She'd go there someday too, she'd never been
They'd sail on the clouds, sail away some more
_ _ _ _ _

Photos and Poem Copyright © 2016 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

I'm linked with Brendan MacOdrum  at his Imaginary Garden with Real Toads post, Sunday Mini-Challenge: Islands 

And again with 

[click picture to enlarge-Back button returns]

 - My favorite David Bowie song iss "Ch, ch, Changes".  What is yours?

The lyrics, "Slip Away"

Oogie waits for just another day
Drags his bones to see the Yankees play
Bones boy talks and flickers gray
Oh, they slip away
Once a time they nearly might have been
Bones and Oogie on a silver screen
No one knew what they could do
Except for me and you
They slip away, they slip away

Don't forget to keep your head warm
Twinkle, twinkle uncle Floyd
Watching all the world and war torn
How I wonder where you are?
Sailing over Coney island

Twinkle, twinkle uncle Floyd
We were dumb but you were fun, boy
How I wonder where you are?
Oogie knew there's never ever time
Some of us will always stay behind

Down in space it's always 1982
The joke we always knew
What's a matter with you?
C'mon, let's go slip away
Don't forget to keep your head warm
Twinkle, twinkle uncle Floyd
Watching all the world and war torn
How I wonder where you are?
Sailing over Coney island
Twinkle, twinkle uncle Floyd
We were dumb but you were fun, boy
How I wonder where you are?

Read more:
David Bowie - Slip Away Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Swimming that day ~~ a Challenge 2016 poem

Swimming that day alongside the boat 
I felt it slip from my fourth finger 
Like our leaden bed, it wouldn't float 
Ring of gold, it's duty had lingered

No more, the reminder wouldn't be 
Bottom of lake richer in treasures 
Marriage in pits, parted company 
Goodbye, love lost, sanity preserved
_ _ _ _ _

Photo and Poem Copyright

© 2010 (link) and 2007 Jimmiehov.
All Rights Reserved

Today I'm linked with Marian at the Imaginary Garden with Toads, Music with Marian (link).

Marian posted the video below, saying:
"“February” performed live by the incomparable Dar Williams."

And for us to use the words of Dar's song for inspiration of what we write.

The lyrics to "February" as sung by her are found here.

The ring pictured is my current wedding ring given to me by Mrs. Jim.  As you can see back then we were "flower children."

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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Sow the seeds a Tuesday Platform poem

So, sew, sow 

So let it be me 
Not sewing the cloth 
I will sow the seed 
_ _ _ _ 

Winter comes, ground is fallowing 
Fields are baren, seeds are in wait 
Save some to plant, don't feed them all 

Sow seeds while the day is still cool 
Let them germinate days are damp 
Warm the days, cool the nights, they like 

Sow the seeds in Good Friday's light 
Germinate through happy Easter 
They too will rise again, due time 

So save some seed, winter is tough 
Do your planting when time is right 
You'll know when, wait 'til moon is full 
_ _ _ _  

Photo and Poem Copyright © 2006 and 2007 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved

I linked this poem with post, The Tuesday Encounter, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (open forum day)

Note: in 2006 this grainery was stating at us across our driveway for a week in Bettolli, Tuscany, Italy.  We had a one-bedroom flat in a much older, brick grainery converted to an apartment.

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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Orangutan in the Rain -- a Flash poem, 55 words

Where o where can my friend be?
I left him under a bush
Bush so big, banana tree  

Out in the rain's unpleasant
I do hope he's staying dry
Not much sense has he, poor boy  

Now coming in out of rain
All hairs are wet, so is he
Fig leaf doesn't keep one dry

Photo (of Adi, my Beagle dog) and Poem Copyright © 2012 and 2016 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved
Top Photo copied from the Orangutan in the Rain photographed by Andrew Suryono, one of the winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015 (see notes below)

Today I am linked with Kerry O'Conner at Flash 55 Plus,


Kerry's instructions for the PLUS were, "... to look back on the past year by viewing the winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015. (Click HERE) The photos are offered as wallpaper, which may be downloaded free of charge. Please acknowledge the photographer on your site if you decide to use a picture from that source." 
 - I chose Orangutan in the Rain photographed by Andrew Suryono (the second in the slide show at the Contest page, noted above).

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